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ERI (refund insurance)

Event Registration (Refund) Insurance (ERI) is a new product that will help increase registrations and add additional revenue to your event.

Earn Additional Income 

SRG will pay a distribution fee to our Event Partners that could add substantial income to your Event Revenue.

No More Refunds 

ERI allows you to remove refunds from your event income by having a no refund policy. With ERI as an option at registration it will save you money.

Event Cancellation Included 

ERI will refund registration fees for terrorism and safety related exposures (refer to the PDS for full details).

No Cost to You

ERI is of no cost to the Event Owner. Participants can opt in to purchase ERI and pay the additional premium after they complete the registration if they feel it is of value, it is not compulsory for all registrations, it is not added to the registration fee it is a separate charge.


Reduce Your Merchant Risk

By having ERI as an option at registration, it will help reduce the onerous merchant risk pertaining to credit card transactions if an event is cancelled.

Increase Your Revenue

Becoming an Authorised Event Partner of SRG, you will be paid a distribution fee that could add significant income to your events, depending on the size of your events and participation take-up. By being an optional value add to the registration fee, there is no additional fixed cost to your event, and this does not inflate the registration costs. Your participant may if they choose, elect to insure their registration fee in the same manner ticket insurance has been working for ticketing agencies for many years.

Become an Event Partner. What’s involved?

A quick and simple process, we will assist you to make this as easy as possible. Start by downloading and completing the application form below and emailing this to

Once we approve your application, we will quickly liaise with you and your online event registration provider to set up the registration process, we will work closely with the technology provider to make this as seamless as possible for you. Once you have ERI set up on your online system, you are up and running, we do the rest.

Terms and conditions apply, for more information or a copy of the PDS contact our office. 

Event Organisers have historically provided varying refund policies and administered the process themselves. Athletes can be signing up for an event months in advance and situations can arise that don’t allow them to compete. That’s why we have introduced ERI.

By offering participants this risk free safety net, procrastination becomes a lesser factor, reassuring minimal loss if they cannot attend the event for a variety of reasons (illness, accident, loss of employment, personal family tragedy etc).

Events just like yours are offering this refund option to their athletes now. 

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